On the Couch with Dr. Kay!

A show focused on answering the questions of urban and hip-hop adults rising to reach personal stars in daily-life.

"Dr. Kay!" Karen R. Streeter, PhD, native Memphian is a licensed school psychologist, author and motivational speaker. Dr. Kay! is bringing her special brand of "edutainment" to address problems and issues of the urban and hip hop adult that mainstream media hasn't addressed.

"On the Couch with Dr. Kay!" is a fun and informative show that will give REAL answers and address problems in a "judgment free zone". It's all about "Love, Peace and Happiness here!" Join her each week as she sits on the couch with a different co-host from various walks of life to give that extra twist and offer a different perspective on daily living.

Tune in to her show Tuesdays 5:30-7:30PM CST on 98.5 New Mix FM.

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